Decision Making Facts for Every Car Purchase

The SureSale vehicle quality report tells a used car’s whole story – past, present, and future – unlike other industry reports, which are limited to just a vehicle’s past history. We analyze thousands of data points about the car including a 170-point inspection, road test, and history check, so you have confidence and peace of mind with your purchase decision.

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Easy to Access Car Facts

SureSale is accessible online, through an independent technician, or at a dealership. When browsing online, look out for the SureSale logo on dealership websites and used car shopping websites including CarGurus, and AutoTrader. When at the dealership, simply look for a SureSale sticker on the car and scan the QR code to immediately view a SureSale vehicle quality report on your phone.

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SureSale Quality Standard

The universal quality standard

SureSale has created the universal standard for pre-owned vehicle quality. No other company thoroughly inspects thousands of data points, including an inspection and history check, to ensure the quality of the car.

Independent verification

SureSale is a third party company, independent from the dealership and online sellers. With an independent verification of a pre-owned vehicle’s quality, you can trust that you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

SureSale vehicle report

This detailed report tells you about the past, present and future conditions of your car, so you can be sure it’s a quality vehicle.

170-Point Inspection

Road Test

Every SureSale vehicle goes through a road test where a trained automotive technician can verify the quality of the vehicle. Some of these items include engine and transmission performance as well as the braking system.

Under Vehicle

SureSale vehicles are thoroughly inspected to ensure there is no frame damage, structural damage, and the suspension is in good condition.

Under Hood

Trained automotive technicians get under the hood to check a number of items, such as fluid levels and condition, belts and hoses, and any visible fluid leaks.

Interior & Safety

Almost 50 items are checked to make sure your SureSale vehicle is in excellent condition. Items checked include all interior lights and instrumentation, seat belts, and air bags, among other items.

Tires & Wheels

Our trained technicians check the tires for abnormal wear and to ensure the tread depth requirements of SureSale are met. Any abnormal wear and tear to the rims are documented and noted.

Comprehensive Auto Check

Junk, Salvage, Insurance Record Check

We check the title of your SureSale vehicle to ensure it isn’t a junk or salvage car, plus we check major reported accidents.

Rebuilt, Fire, Flood, or Hail Damage Check

We check the title of your SureSale vehicle to ensure it isn’t branded as “Rebuilt” and that there is no reported fire, flood, or hail damage.

Lemon Check

Don’t get stuck with a lemon! We check the title of your SureSale vehicle to ensure it isn’t branded “Lemon” so you can be sure about your purchase.

Odometer Check

Odometer fraud is a growing crime, so we investigate the title of all SureSale vehicles to ensure it doesn’t have an odometer brand.

Manufacturer Warranty & Recalls

SureSale reports on the availability of the manufacturer’s warranty and any outstanding recalls.