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What’s a SureSale Certified Vehicle

A SureSale is a ready-to-buy car with a consistent, clear and easy story to tell. Its past is free of major accidents and has a clean title, its present condition is fully inspected and meets rigorous safety and mechanical standards, and its future is protected by 5 months and 5,000 miles of coverage plus a 5-day Exchange Guarantee.

  • Clean Title

  • 150+ Point Inspection

  • 5 Months / 5,000 Miles of Protection

  • 5 Day Exchange Guarantee

  • Comprehensive Auto Report (Factfile)

  • Roadside, Towing and Rental

SureSale Certified Vehicule
Clean Title

Clean Title

SureSale Certified vehicles have clean titles, period. Every SureSale Certified vehicle goes through a rigorous background check to ensure that it is free of title issues that could negatively affect vehicle quality (and value). No fire, flood, or hail damaged vehicles. No vehicles with salvaged titles, and no vehicles with junk titles. No vehicles with odometer issues, and no vehicles with undisclosed liens. Get the picture? We even check for major reported accidents and, you guessed it, those vehicles don’t have the distinction of becoming SureSale Certified.

150+ Point Inspection

150+ Point Inspection

Every SureSale Certified vehicle goes through a 150+ point inspection, just like a factory CPO car, and only the best of the best meet our quality standard. Our inspection is conducted by certified mechanics and include a road test, checks on the powertrain and chassis (including the engine, cooling and fuel systems, electrical transmission and suspension), checks on all interior and safety functions, and reports on tire and brake condition. SureSale buyers get a copy of the inspection report, signed by the inspector, so they can BeSure.

5 Months / 5,000 Mile

5-Months and 5,000 Miles of Protection

We are so sure that our process produces quality used vehicles that we back it with 5 months and 5,000 miles of vehicle protection. SureSale Certified vehicles have coverage which includes the engine and transmission, transfer case and drive axle, steering, brakes, electrical, air conditioning, fuel delivery and seals and gaskets. And should an issue arise, you can take your vehicle to the selling dealer or any approved repair facility to have it fixed. Don’t beware, BeSure! It’s so easy, and you are protected.

5 Day Exchange Guarantee

5-Day, 500-Mile Exchange Guarantee

SureSale has your back! If you are unhappy for any reason, bring your SureSale Certified vehicle back to the selling dealer and they will exchange it, no questions asked. The vehicle must be exchanged within 5-days of purchase and may not have been driven more than 500 miles. SureSale only partners with reputable dealers who put their car buyers first. We share a mutual interest in making sure you are happy with your SureSale Certified vehicle, which should give you peace of mind.

Comprehensive Auto Report (Factfile)

Comprehensive Auto Report (Factfile)

Every SureSale Certified vehicle goes through a rigorous background check and comes with a free Factfile (Comprehensive Auto Report). The Factfile includes the historical information about the vehicle, such as title records and ownership history, but goes well beyond that to report on the current condition of the vehicle. It includes the results of the comprehensive inspection (150+ points), as well as useful information such as crash test results and safety ratings and cost of ownership information.

Roadside, Towing and Rental

Roadside, Rental, Towing and More

Every SureSale Certified vehicle comes with additional coverages to ensure your peace of mind. In the event something happens to you vehicle, SureSale stands behind it with roadside service and towing to get your vehicle to your desired repair facility, and we will even cover your rental car (provided your repair requires two hours to repair). In the event a breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from your home and your car has to be kept overnight, we will even cover up to $100 a day in food and lodging! And one more thing...not saying this has ever happened to you, but if you ever get locked out of your car, we will even cover that!

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