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  • Thousands of Inspections

    Become a SureSale Technician and get access to thousands of private party individuals all across the US who are looking to have their vehicle inspected.

  • Work When You Want

    SureSale Technicians set their own hours and work when they want. You will be notified when inspections are available in your area, so you can choose the ones that work for you.

  • Work from Anywhere

    Traveling for the weekend? No problem. With our app you can stay up-to-date as inspections become available, and have access to all inspections nationwide.

Your Advantages

Truth, Trust & Transparency

Truth, Trust & Transparency

Buying or selling a used vehicle is never easy, but it gets much easier when there is trust and transparency in the process. SureSale Technicians play an important role in creating an honest conversation between buyers and sellers, providing unbiased information and professional advice. It’s called good Carma, and that’s what SureSale is all about.

Every SureSale vehicle goes through a title check for over 75 conditions, including reported accidents and structural damage. Plus, we inspect the vehicle and give an honest assessment of its condition.

Easy-to-use Inspection Form

Easy-to-use Inspection Form

Forget the paper shuffling and clipboards, with the SureSale app performing vehicle inspections has never been easier. From noting dings and dents to uploading images of VINs, our inspection form is packed with features that creates a seamless inspection experience for both technician and customer.

SureSale offers inspections that allow you to showcase your expertise and knowledge in a simple electronic report that you upload on site.

Mike P., SureSale Technician

How it Works

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    Enter your contact information and tell us a bit about yourself. If your profile matches our requirements, we will activate your account.

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    Accept and Inspect

    Download the SureSale app and you will be notified when inspection appointments are available in your neighborhood. You are now ready to start inspecting!

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    Get Paid

    We send weekly payments on Friday through ACH directly into your bank account. If a check is more convenient, we offer bi-weekly payment for your completed inspections.

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