Inspection & Service Centers

SureSale is dependent on delivering the same high standard of quality on every vehicle that is SureSale. As you can imagine, it’s no small task, and is dependent upon, among other things, having the largest network of highly skilled technicians available to inspect and recondition vehicles. This is why SureSale’s network of Inspection and Service Centers is so important.

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Program Benefits

New Source of Customers & Revenue

New Source of Customers & Revenue

SureSale Inspection and Service Centers represent the highest quality customer experience for vehicle owners seeking inspection and reconditioning for vehicles they intend to sell. Centers are matched with vehicle owners in their area and have the opportunity to build new and repeating customer relationships for SureSale related services and any additional facility service offerings.

Easy-to-use Inspection Platform

Easy-to-use Inspection Platform

As a SureSale Inspection and Service Center you will have secure access to the industry leading SureSale platform to manage scheduling, inspections, uploading RO’s and generating reports among other important SureSale related activities. Access is available via the web at or mobile (android/ios) application. Upon completion of an inspection and any additional reconditioning work customers will have access to accurate and up-to-date Factfile vehicle reports on their smartphone!

Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition

SureSale is a recognized brand that stands for truth, trust and transparency in used vehicle quality. As a SureSale SureSale Inspection and Service Center you will benefit from your status as a “SureSale Inspection and Service Center.” POS materials and badging will be made available for your physical and digital store locations as well as branded marketing to use in your community. SureSale stands behind its trusted Inspection and Service Center partners and will offer consumers at the opportunity to discover centers in their local areas.

Vehicle Sales Opportunities

Vehicle Sales Opportunities

Some SureSale Inspection and Service Centers are also service bays at reputable used car dealerships. Consumers looking for SureSale inspections are vehicle owners interested in selling their cars and potentially buying new ones. In today’s used car market getting access to quality inventory is getting tougher. As a SureSale Inspection and Service Center you have exclusive access to a new source of quality used inventory and potential new car buyers.

Become a SureSale Inspection & Service Center

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    Start Inspecting

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