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About SureSaleSureSale Sam


SureSale was founded in 2012 with one simple goal in mind: to dramatically increase the number of used car buyers who have an opportunity to purchase a certified vehicle, to provide greater purchasing ease and peace of mind, and to offer dealers a way to certify vehicles that don’t fall under manufacturer programs.  


We have been pursuing that mission relentlessly, and have sold thousands of SureSale Certified vehicles since inception.


Look, it’s really simple.  Why should any consumer have to buy a used vehicle ‘As Is’, with no protection or background information? No one should. 


And why should dealers be restricted by OEM Certified Pre-owned programs that only cover a small fraction of the used vehicles on their lots? 


Until now, ‘as is’ or expensive OEM CPO programs were the only option for millions of used car buyers. 


And what could be more frustrating for a consumer than finding the used car of his/her dreams, at a dealership or online – and at an affordable price - but without the benefit of any certification? Today, that frustration is over. 


At SureSale, we have created a process that is easy to use for both dealers and consumers.  It gives consumers peace of mind, which also helps dealers sell vehicles more quickly and generate greater customer satisfaction.


The unique SureSale certification process covers three important bases: Check, Inspect and Protect.  







The SureSale CAReport (Comprehensive Auto Report) gives consumers the assurance and info they crave, including making sure the vehicle comes with a clean title and full history.  It also provides information about any title blemishes (such as a bad odometer, fire or flood damage, or a major accident).  







Every SureSale Certified vehicle has undergone a rigorous 125-point inspection including a road test; engine, transmission, and braking system checks, and assurance that interior items like AC and electronics meet industry standards.







Most consumers wouldn’t dream of  buying other big-ticket item without a basic product warranty, so why is a vehicle any different? All SureSale Certified vehicles come with a 5-Month 5,000-Mile Limited Warranty that covers items like the engine, transmission, brakes, steering and suspension, and electrical. Buyers will also be covered for emergency roadside assistance and rental car coverage.


Plus, every SureSale Certified vehicle comes with a 5-Day / 500-Mile exchange guarantee, which allows consumers to exchange the vehicle at the dealership, no questions asked.


Dealers love SureSale because they can offer their customers peace of mind, and so will you. This is the better way to buy (and sell) a used car, and its what we do at SureSale.  


Be Sure about your next used vehicle purchase with a SureSale Certified vehicle.