Why Car Experts Always Recommend a Pre-Purchase Inspection Before Buying a Used Car


Buying a used car can be a stressful experience for many car buyers. It’s proven to be a nearly impossible task to trust that the car you purchased is the best option for you. To eliminate the worries that come along with trusting a used car’s quality or the information that a car seller provides, you could get a pre-purchase inspection. See why the automotive industry experts agree that a pre-purchase inspection is a necessary step in the used car buying process:

Know the Past, Present, and Future Condition of Your Car  

A pre-purchase inspection is a comprehensive vehicle review which typically consists of an under the hood check, engine check, safety test, and review of all operational functions. This inspection tells you everything you need to know about a used car’s current condition. Knowing everything about a car, from good to bad, is crucial and will either make or break your car buying decision. To avoid any potential safety or financial complications, it is best to have a certified mechanic perform the inspection of the cosmetic, mechanical, and safety conditions of a vehicle. 

CARFAX: “If you’re seriously considering a car, take it to a trusted mechanic to have it fully checked out before signing a bill of sale.”

Purchasing a used car with no guarantees of its quality could end up costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs. The average repair bill costs up to $600. By having a trusted mechanic inspect your vehicle before buying, you can avoid unforeseen and costly repairs before driving off the lot. The mechanic may also point out repairs that will be needed later on, which can be used to negotiate the cost of the used car. 

Edmunds: “A thorough, professional inspection can tell you whether you’re about to buy a peach or a lemon.” 

In a pre-purchase inspection, you will get a thorough assessment of a used car’s current state, which should detect any ongoing issues. This inspection makes it possible to confidently purchase a high-quality used car – a peach – rather than a car with a defect that has not been repaired by the seller or manufacturer – a lemon. 

Autotrader: “While a simple test drive is a nice way to get a feel for a car, it’s no replacement for a true inspection from a certified mechanic.”

Instead of committing to a used car based on your conversation with the seller, the model information online, or how the car “seems” during your test drive, add the security of a pre-purchase inspection from a certified mechanic. Doing your own research and taking the car for a test drive is important in making sure you’re comfortable with your car, but it is not enough to determine if the car functions properly or has underlying issues. 

CarGurus: “Despite being advertised as ‘like new’ or in ‘mint’ condition, used cars are indeed used. The best advice is to have the car looked at by a certified mechanic.”

Doing your own research on a car will never hurt you in the long run, however, there is a reason that experts recommend pre-purchase inspections. As surprising as it may sound, auto sellers may attempt to hide issues from buyers in hopes to make a sale. To avoid being tricked into buying a defective car that is advertised as “like new,” have a mechanic inspect the car and provide their unbiased results.

The Experts Agree on SureSale 

A pre-purchase inspection eliminates the worry of having to trust that the car you are interested in is in good condition. With the SureSale vehicle quality report, you get all the facts needed to build trust in your used car.