A Used Truck Warranty That’ll Blow You Away!


Trusted Used Truck Coverage

What’s better than securing a really amazing deal on a used truck? Securing a really amazing used truck warranty! Our quality used trucks come with a 5-month, 5,000-mile limited warranty offering coverage on everything from the air conditioning system to the steering and breaks.

You can feel confident in purchasing one of our pre-owned trucks because we’ve done the work in ensuring our vehicles are in great shape before hitting our partner dealerships. If you’ve purchased a pre-owned truck and are unsatisfied with your decision for any reason at all, be sure to stop back into the dealership you purchased it from to learn more about your options. We offer a 5-day, 500-mile exchange guarantee with no questions asked. If you decide you really do prefer blue over red, we can certainly handle that switch!

Extended Benefits of a SureSale Vehicle

Remember that saying “it’s better to be safe than to be sorry”? Us too. That’s why we equip our customers with additional coverages like roadside assistance, rental assistance, and towing capabilities. If anything were to happen to your vehicle close to home, we can get you to safety, and tow your vehicle to your desired repair shop. If your repairs are going to take two or more hours, we supply you with a rental car for the time being.

Traveling? No problem. If anything were to happen to your vehicle and you were more than 100 miles away from home, we will ensure you’re still taken care of. Let’s say your vehicle has to be held overnight and you don’t have a way to get back home, we cover up to $100 a day in food and lodging to help ease some of the stress that car trouble can bring.  Learn more about our extended coverage options.