Proper Inventory Management Could Earn You Thousands in Sales


Put Good In, Get Good Out

Think about it. If you invest in the proper management of your pre-owned inventory, you’ll be able to sell quicker, make customers happier, and increase sales. If you put in the work, the work is bound to pay off. 

Working with SureSale

If you work with us, and our SureSale Certified program, you’ll get results. We offer each of our dealerships a free, Comprehensive Auto Report (CAReport) detailing what we found in, around and under each vehicle. The CAReport comes with:

  • A complete review and reporting of title records. 
  • Documentation of the 150+ point inspection we provide
  • Review of warranty coverage and upsell options available

You’ll be able to find out if your vehicles are up-to-par with the SureSale brand, and are ready to be sold for the most appropriate price. We send out our top technicians to take a look under the hood and be completely sure about passing the vehicle so that you can be assured about selling the said vehicle. 

Unmatched Coverage

We’ve done our homework and we know that what we offer for coverage is unlike any other offerings on the market to-date. Every SureSale Certified vehicle comes with extreme protections for the buyer. Purchasing a SureSale Certified vehicle means the end-customer will be getting:

  • A 5-month, 5,000-mile warranty on their vehicle that covers items from cooling systems to rotors. 
  • A 5-day exchange guarantee policy, allowing them to exchange it anytime within the first 5 days after purchase. 

We also wrap everything up in an easy-to-understand package. Giving you the title records, the physical vehicle details, the manufacturer warranties, recalls, and a standard equipment list. We do it all, so you don’t have to! 

If your vehicle ends up not being certified, we also walk you through why what the issue was and can help you identify how best to get it fixed. 

If that wasn’t enough, one your SureSale Certified vehicle passes, we offer 3 levels of extended protection plans directly managed by us! Don’t muddy your hands with extra paperwork and warranty plans. We’ll take care of that for you! 

Are you convinced? Thinking about calling in our professional inventory management squads? Let’s do this!