Introducing SureSale Factfile™: The Best Used Vehicle Report


The Factfile™ builds trust in an unprecedented way as a single, simple to understand document that is compiled by an independent third party and verifies its current condition and quality and that the vehicle’s history is clean.  That’s great, right?

SureSale Factfile – The first and only complete FactFile on a vehicle’s history and current condition.

You don’t need to be an expert on cars to be an expert on the car you’re buying.  That’s why SureSale created the Factfile™, which gives you all the decision-making facts you need to buy with confidence and peace of mind.  A SureSale Factfile™ is only available on cars that have passed our SureSale inspection and earned the SureSale Certified badge.  Look for this badge to be sure it’s SureSale Certified.

SureSale Factfile:
The new SureSale Factfile™ includes results of a rigorous, independently conducted inspection (by us not the dealer) and an extensive vehicle history check so you can see you are getting a quality used vehicle.

  • A 170-point inspection which confirms the vehicle’s mechanical and safety quality, as well as its interior and exterior condition.
  • A background check to ensure the vehicle does not have any title issues which may impact its value, as well as to check that the vehicle has not been in any major reported accident.
  • Available protections with the vehicle, including any manufacturer warranty and extended protection plans which might come with the vehicle (is this accurate?)
  • Important safety information, including recalls and any accident history

The Summary at the top of the Factfile™ will give you the high-level information about the vehicle.  Scroll down the Factfile™ if you want to view the inspection or vehicle history details.

The SureSale Factfile™ is available for free online at and on participating dealer websites and showroom floors. If you want to know if a dealership cares about selling quality used cars, look for the SureSale Approved dealer sign or SureSale Certified badging on its inventory.