How Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Meet the Mark


What is a CPO?

A CPO is a pre-owned vehicle that has undergone an inspection to ensure it’s ready for its second life on the road with a new owner. At SureSale, we make sure that’s exactly the case, we back up our findings with master mechanics and some of the best inventory analyzers in the game and then we add several layers of additional coverage so that our dealerships aren’t bogged down by semantics. 

Sounds cool, right? 

Sell More Cars, Faster

That’s what we’re here to help dealerships do. It’s a win-win for both sides. As a customer, you can be sure that you’re getting a vehicle that has been thoroughly inspected from bumper to bumper and from roof to tire, and as a dealership, you can be sure that your customers will stay satisfied with your certified vehicles!  

Two-thirds of used car shoppers begin their long search for their perfect pre-owned vehicle by looking for ones that are certified. That’s a huge margin. As a dealership or a private owner, spend a second to think about how many pre-owned vehicles you have as opposed to CPO. Regardless of that number, we can help you raise it! 

By using our cutting-edge resources, SureSale can extend your certified marketing program to help you include more of the vehicles that are on your lot right now. Let us help you turn your pre-owned vehicles into CPO’s, today!

Benefits of Turning a PO into a CPO

We allow our dealers to certify vehicles across 30 makes, which allows you to certify a much larger amount of your inventory right now! 

As you can imagine, most CPO programs only allow you to certify vehicles that have under 70,000 miles, but with SureSale, we more than double that by allowing your vehicles with 150,000 miles to fall within the certification window. If that wasn’t enough, we also lock in vehicles that are 15 years old or newer. You can’t find this type of coverage anywhere else in the car sales industry. Older vehicles need love too!

All of this said, if you partner with us here at SureSale, you may just be able to turn your PO’s into CPO’s and sell way more of your inventory! 

No, shh, it’s okay, stop it. You’re welcome.