5 Reasons to Buy a Vehicle with a History Report

5 Reasons to Buy a Vehicle With a History Report

Before you commit to buying a new or used car, it is critical to purchase or ask for a vehicle history report. This isn’t only for your peace of mind, the vehicle history report gives you a clear look at what you are buying, including things that you might not be able to see with the naked eye.

Don’t get stuck with a lemon! Here are the top five reasons to ask for a vehicle history report:

Vehicle Damage

There is only so much you can tell about a car and what it’s been through by just looking at it. Unfortunately, you can’t always depend on a private seller to be accurate with the complete history of the car.

A vehicle history report gives you details like any accidents that the car has been in, and the extent of the damage. It will also list all professional maintenance that has been done on the vehicle.

Accidents aren’t the only thing on the vehicle report. Other damage is included too, such as fires, floods, or hail damage.

Mileage Verification

Sometimes when purchasing a used vehicle, you might wonder if the mileage seems too good to be true based on the age of the vehicle. It is illegal to change a car’s odometer, but sometimes sellers will roll it back to help increase the value of the car. Mileage is recorded when a vehicle is registered at the DMV and whenever it is in the shop for maintenance. By taking a closer look at the mileage listing on the vehicle history report, you can make sure that the odometer is correct and that it has not been tampered with.

Ownership History

It is important to know how many owners that the vehicle has had, how long they kept it for, and in what areas of the country that it was driven. A vehicle history report includes all of this information and can help give you a better idea of the life expectancy of the vehicle.

Title Information

A vehicle history report will also tell you how many times a new title has been issued, which will often indicate a new car owner. In a perfect world, you want to buy a car that has had only one owner. Why? Because when it has only been owned by one person it is likely that it has received a standard level of maintenance.

Accessing the condition of a vehicle can be complicated, but a vehicle history report makes it easier to make an informed decision.


Vehicle recalls are becoming more and more common. A safety recall occurs when the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) determines that a safety-related part of a vehicle has been deemed defective. When enough of these defects occur in a particular vehicle model, the NHTSA will require the car manufacturer to issue a recall on the vehicle to have the defects fixed.

Authorized dealers are required by their contract with vehicle manufacturers to fix defects and recalls.

If you go to the NHTSA recall webpage you will be able to see if there are any open recalls that have not yet been fixed on the vehicle that you are planning to purchase.

Get All the Facts Before You Buy

It is crucial when purchasing a vehicle to get your hands on a copy of the vehicle history report to ensure that the vehicle you are buying is a good investment and not a lemon. With SureSale we understand vehicle quality and will give you the complete picture of the vehicle that you are planning to purchase with our SureSale vehicle quality report. We tell it like it is, the past, present, and future, unlike other reports that only tell the past history of the vehicle.

Gain peace of mind with your used car purchase, and choose SureSale for your vehicle quality report. We analyze thousands of data points including a 170-point inspection, a road test, and a history check, so you can make an informed purchase decision. BeSure with SureSale!