The SureSale 170-Point Independent Inspection

Independent Inspection

Every SureSale Certified vehicle goes through a 170-point independent inspection, and only the best of the best meet our quality standard.  Our inspection is conducted by certified mechanics and includes a road test, checks on the powertrain and chassis (including the engine, cooling and fuel systems, electrical transmission and suspension), checks on all interior and safety functions, and reports on tire and brake condition.  SureSale buyers get a copy of the Factfile™ vehicle report so they can be sure they are getting a quality pre-owned vehicle.

Why an Independent Inspection Matters?

While a history check can give you valuable insight into the background of the vehicle, it cannot tell you about its current condition, and as a result, is not effective at telling you if the pre-owned vehicle you are buying is of high quality.  That is why having an independent inspection is critical, and why all trusted automotive brands say it’s a requirement in the buying process. 

Here’s what the experts say:

  • Edmunds says that “Experts agree that used cars must be inspected by a qualified specialist before purchase.” 
  • Consumer Reports says the same, noting “Before you close the deal, have it scru­tinized by a repair shop that routinely does diagnostic work.”
  • And Road & Track says the same, “Not getting the car inspected before buying it is a huge mistake.  Don’t trust the dealer.”

You’re in good hands with a SureSale Certified vehicle, because your vehicle has passed a 170-point, independent inspection and it meets our quality standard.

Vehicle passed independent inspection

What’s included in the SureSale Inspection?

In the Factfile™ vehicle report, you will see the results of the 170-point inspection.  SureSale Certified vehicles must pass a mechanical and safety check, as well as have all functional components of the vehicle in working order.  Some cosmetic items can have wear and tear noted and still pass our certification.  This is because, in our assessment, they don’t impact the drivability and operation of the vehicle.  We document these items so you can make your own assessment about their condition and their individual importance to your car buying decision.

Mechanical and Safety Check

This portion of the inspection includes:

  • Road Test: Encompasses the engine, steering, transmission and drivetrain, brakes, and a number of additional test drive points such as climate control, safety restraints, and windshield wipers.
  • Under the Vehicle: Includes frame and underbody, suspension, drivetrain and brakes, and tires and wheels.
  • Under the Hood: Includes engine coolant, AC, and heating, battery, and a check of fluids.
  • Functional Components: Includes making sure all the features of the vehicle operate as expected, including interior and exterior lighting, the entertainment system, and seating and window controls, among other items.

Interior and Exterior Condition

This portion of the inspection includes:

  • Any mismatched paint, dents, dings swirl marks or scratches on the vehicle’s exterior.
  • The condition of the interior, including seat upholstery, carpets, floor mats, door panels, and headliner.
  • The condition of the luggage compartment, glove box, center armrest console, and cup holder.
  • The condition of the truck bed, liner, and tailgate, if equipped.

SureSale Certified is the gold standard of pre-owned vehicles, and our assurance to you is that each car has been rigorously inspected and has met our quality standard.